Top 5 Great Books Every Couple Needs To Read



When enrolling into couple’s therapy, many pairs often ask for suggestions on relationship books for couples to read together.  So, we’d like to recommend a few of such enormously helpful pieces of literature mainly all family therapists offer their clients.

The books for couples to read together given below are great for all loving unions needing a slight refresh or for people currently single and wish to understand more about the ways they approach romantic relations. There are tons of great reads out about relationships you can come across in a book store, but here are some of the top ones from


1. “Hold Me Tight” by Dr. Sue Johnson

This book unobtrusively invites loving partners to explore one of the most foundational and substantial elements of every romantic relationship – the emotional bond partners share. Dr. Johnson gives an example of John Bowlby’s attachment theory and the scientific justification for it in a totally clear and entertaining way. She successfully points out that solid emotional link is essential for couples to get on well with each other and preserve their love throughout the ages. She provides couples that approach she created, guiding lovers through seven conversations they can have in order to cultivate a deeper, more sustained emotional binding.

2. “A Love That Lasts” by Hallmark

This delightfully enjoyable book comprises wise, candid guidance from those couples successfully made it to their golden anniversary. Beyond doubt, those pairs are the best relationship experts that possess a sound, worthwhile variety of tips, skills, and precious knowledge. At the same time, don’t you think there’s something obligatory about learning directly from people who understand what it feels like and what it takes to create, raise, and save a profoundly stable, loving relationship? Every page features a couple who treasures up one seed of relationship wisdom, with the book containing a list of fifty lessons for people to reflect upon from the couples happy in their relationships who’ve walked the distance together. “A Love That Lasts” is definitely among the good books for couples to read.


3. “The Relationship Cure” by John Gottman

Gottman is quite an inventive writer and expert in relationships.  His profound studies of couples’ lives have granted that incredibly valuable information for couples’ therapists all around the world.  One of the truly greatest relationship books for couples, written by him focuses on the “necessity for connection”. Gottman states how this fundamental skill plays a role of a defining characteristic of healthy couples and shows you how you can get better at it.


4. “201 Relationship Questions” by Barrie Davenport

Most likely you don’t need us to tell you how plain fearful it can be at times to open up and express your feelings, desires and needs. However, if you’re willing to risk that kind of exposure, it can contribute to a greater closeness in a relationship. This book suggests couples amazing ideas for a wide array of questions they can make use of to discover more about each other, what their goals in the relationship are, and how they can develop as partners. She categorizes all questions by topic, focuses on the benefits of showing vulnerability and asks a few extra fun questions at the end – including hypothetical ones.


5. “Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships” by John Welwood

Closing our list of the great books for couples, this one by J. Welwood centers on a couple’s core wounds of love and how they eventually affect couple’s romantic relations. It offers a lot of reformative, psychological depth and works better for the romantic partners who have undergone a therapy for at least a year.


Source: Aleksander Pichkur



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