How Technology Will Change Higher Education In 2018



The Closest Future Of Technology In Higher Education

A breakthrough in the technological development has made a great impact on higher
education as well. Both teachers and students are subjected to these changes and have to face
not only the benefits it brings about but also numerous challenges. Today it is not obligatory to take
a pen to write a custom essay or look for writing tips browsing hundreds of books in the library.
Everything has become accessible at the click of a button but not all the innovative devices and
tools can be used during the teaching process. Let’s see what trends are going to dominate the
technological future of the higher education.

1. Short-term Perspective

Within the closest one-two years, colleges and universities will focus on blending learning and
collaborative approaches. Today, learning management systems are used by many reputable
educational institutions. Students and teachers can communicate, look through and submit ready-
made assignments, collaborate on projects, learn grades and many other things. In addition, many
LMS have an in-built plagiarism checker so academic paper writing has gone to the next level in
quality. Blending learning will encourage educators to make classes more creative as well as
implement online learning approaches like flipped classrooms.

2. Mid-term Perspectives

In three-five years studying will acquire several new features. Learning will become more
measured thanks to the numerous analytics and visualization tools and software. Assessment will
be conducted in a different way too.
Learning spaces will continue to undergo changes. They will probably be transformed into so-
called smart rooms. It will not be surprising to visit virtual classrooms located in different corners of
the world and share experience with other learners and teachers.

3. Long-term Perspectives

In five years and later higher education will have only some of the characteristics it has today.
Significant changes will make their impact on the ways, methods, and approaches to learning. It will
gradually grow into an absolutely new culture of studying that will promote discoveries,
experiments and entrepreneurship.
Learning will become more student-centered, so young people will look not only for writing
help at but also cope with new challenges, projects, and inquiries.

Mainstream Technology To Be Used In Higher Education

The number and variety of technology used in the universities and colleges today depend on
the country and credibility of the institution. Global leading educational establishments have
already tried many new technologies rocking our world and some of them have proven their
efficacy and are used on a daily basis. The other universities only begin to use new examples, so it
is important to understand what technology will be customary in Education in the nearest future.

1. Short-term Perspective

In a couple of years, nobody will be surprised to use adaptive learning technologies that are
available online and can adjust to the needs of every learner.
Learning will continue to get portable thanks to the millions of mobile devices possessed by
young people.

2. Mid-term Perspective

In two-three years teachers will not ask students to hide their computers and mobile phones as
classroom will become a part of the Internet of things. The world wide web will be used as a means
of learning. In addition, this connection is a necessity for next-generation learning management
systems that will be used in every college.

3. Long-term Perspective

Though five years seems a quite long period of time soon all the students will heave to deal
with artificial intelligence incorporated in every classroom. It is a completely new experience that
will be accompanied by natural user interfaces that allow interacting with technology using
gestures or your thoughts.

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