News: As A Jonto Returns To The Music Industry



News: As A Jonto Returns To The Music Industry  via | Entertainment, Music , News, Trends | AFTER staying away from music for almost eight years following the release of his Wemungeli album in 2009, Jonto, who was born Mainza Ndili, is back in the fold with a new single which he has titled Silyonse.

Jonto, who first released the album Ndalama in 2005 and followed it up with “As a Jonto”, has explained what he has been up to since he released his last album.
“From that time, I’ve been recording here and there but I just didn’t take the music as seriously as I used to before,” he says. “I decided to take a break, but the break took longer, I could never find the time to get back because of work and other commitments.”
Known for songs like I Knew featuring Israel, Ngamwalinjebele, Do You Ever Miss Me, Anniversary and Ndalama, Jonto says he is now back and ready to release an album from the music he has been recording.
His new single Silyonse features Runnel and was produced by Jerry Fingers.
“I did Silyonse last year though I only released it this year,” he says. “It’s a mature song, danceable and very good to listen to. It talks about relationships, mostly marriages. I’m simply saying it’s not all the time that you have to involve other people when you have problems. The song works more for married people.”
Jonto has two more songs to release this year before he finally releases his fourth album early next year. One of the singles is titled Ng’anga, a club banger that has also been produced by Jerry Fingers on which he raps for perhaps the first time on any of his songs.
“The other one is Nsanje which is a perfect song, it has more of an international feel. It’s not just Zambian feel but an African feel,” he says. “It talks about a guy who is so jealous of everything and everyone around his woman; he is selfish and just wants her to himself. He feels that everyone else is complimenting her more than he does so he is always unsettled.”
Jonto feels that his new album is more diverse than his previous works as he has worked with different producers and artistes unlike the case on his previous efforts.
On his last albums, the producers he worked with are TK, Jerry Fingers and MKV who is now Manase. Now, he has Kid Man, Magician and Jerry Fingers on the production side and Willz Nyopole, Kantu and Mic Burner on vocals. He is also trying to get to work with Chef 187 and T-Sean.
“What I can assure my fans is that what I have is sweet music,” he says. “As usual, when I release an album, they are always hits. I have music [it’s] just that I can’t release now, I’m still looking for that one particular thing that always tells me that now you release the album.
“But I can promise my fans that this festive season, they’ll have ‘Silyonse’, ‘Ng’anga’ and ‘Nsanje’ to listen to which will do justice in the industry and on the market. I’m still me, still Jonto, although with a slightly different feel to appeal to a larger fan base. I have done good music and I’m bringing even more good music.”

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