Download: Macky 2 - Iye Chipolopolo feat. Various Artists


"Experience the heartwarming unity that football sparks among Zambians, bridging gaps of age, gender, and tribe. A special song has been crafted to capture this shared spirit, inviting all Zambians to come together and celebrate our national team. Born out of a genuine sense of patriotism, the song is the collaborative effort of Mag44, Macky2, Shimasta, Chanda Na Kay, Jay Rox, Mozegeta, Towela, Chile One, Wezi, Chef187, Abel Chungu, and BareFeet. In the essence of national pride, this melody aims to resonate with every Zambian, creating a sense of togetherness that transcends differences. Join in, as we stand united, supporting our national team with a harmonious tune that reflects the collective spirit of our diverse nation." IYE CHIPOLOPOLO - Various Artists

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